Island Oasis Under Construction

Island Oasis Under Construction

Want to see how things are coming with the Ocean Soul Marco shop? We’re super stoked to show you some of what’s going on inside the renovations!

“I’m choosing to look at things as one really big adventure!” Encouraging words from the founder and “brain mother” of Ocean Soul, Julie. “Out of all the chaos I believe will come something beautiful!”

Keep reading/scrolling to see some of the most recent updates with our Island Oasis at the The Esplanade Shoppes on Marco.

Jonah checking in on the dimensions of the new back office

We’ve got the floor ready for a custom-made flooring design that Julie’s working very closely with Greg and the professionals of Paradise Design | Build.

We’re not just having new flooring laid & shelving taken off the walls. We’re doing a serious build out allowing for expansion to include: production area (so we can continue to build your treasures in-house), office space where the Ocean Soul Team can work together on future designs, products & community engagement.

Tyler daydreaming about all the Ohana we're going to meet

The shop on Marco is just the beginning of how Ocean Soul wants to be a physical presence for our Ohana. We’re aiming for this to be the prototype of further expansion in other cites across the U.S. (maybe even internationally???????)

Visioning what our new home on Marco Island will look like has been one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve had as a brand. Getting hands on with our renovation was just the first step to the level of awesome we’re looking to bring to the island. We’ve been meeting some of the other shop owners and getting a feel for the overall ambience of The Esplanade Shoppes.

It's kind of a secret unless you're in the Ohana for the inside peak

We’re so beyond stoked to be moving forward with the build out. The location we were fortunate enough to find on the Island couldn’t be better.

If you haven’t already, connect with us on our Social Media platforms! We’ll be on Marco a few days after Christmas Day, so there will be a lot of content coming real soon.

Do you think Ocean Soul would be a perfect fit in another location too? Share your thoughts with us!

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