Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Ocean Soul Jewelry real ?

Yes, all ocean soul jewelry is made from .925 Sterling Silver.

Where does Ocean Soul get its Sea Shells? Sea glass? Gemstones?

We collect many of our sea shells personally from South West Florida. What we do not collect personally we source from reputable dealers around the world.

Where is your jewelry made?

Ocean Soul began as a small family business but is now a global Ohana. We have a team of some of the worlds most talented silversmith's in Bali, Indonesia that take care of our Silver work. The jewelry is then assembled and shipped from Louisville Kentucky.

Why Bali?

We chose Bali to source our silversmith's because of their rich tradition in the art. The Balinese are well known for their silver work all throughout the world. We also wanted to help provide fair and consistent wages to artisans.

Will the Nauti Cords fade?

The color will not fade. Our nautical cords are Surf Tested, Nautical grade.

Does Ocean Soul give back?

We work with lots of small non profits to try to influence change at the ground level. Some of the charities we've worked with in the past have been: Angels in Disguise Down Syndrome Of Louisville The Eco Preservation Project The Marco Patriots