Aloha Island Oasis: 5 Facts to Inspire Your "Island Oasis" Getaway

Aloha Island Oasis: 5 Facts to Inspire Your "Island Oasis" Getaway

Skip the Mundane and Travel into the Unknown

That is the mantra of travelers these days. And Island Oasis offers just that to the adventure savvy romantics. Escape to some island right in the middle of the ocean and arrive in an unreal ethereal world.

Let’s take a look at 5 fascinating facts to Get You Inspired to Go!!!

  1. Oh, It’s a Lavish World Record! - Yes, the world record for the most expensive Island Oasis has been bagged by the Al Marjan Island of Dubai. And its value is a whooping $462 Million. Though the island is a man made one but is still one of the most beautiful and luxurious places on the planet.

2. "No, no! More wood! Big fire! I am chief! Want big fire!" - Remember Jack Sparrow’s dialogue from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest? Yes, the movie was filmed on one of the most beautiful island oasis- Commonwealth of Dominica! The movie’s “Cannibal Island” is Dominica.

The lesser travelled roads of Dominica offer the most unreal experiences and a promise of adventure at every step. They still have indigenous people, volcanoes, and endless rivers. The island even houses the second biggest boiling lake in the world.

3. Ship Wrecks worth Millions? - Interestingly, Key West, another Island Oasis was once the richest city in the United States per capita! Can you believe it? They made their fortunes by wrecking and salvaging ship wrecks that came floating to the shores or surrounding shallow waters. The citizens of Key West would auction off or resell the valuable cargo.
Key West is also home to the world’s third largest Coral Reef that extends 150 miles north towards Miami and 70 miles west to the Dry Tortugas!

4. Hakuna Matata! - Although many island oases are now lavish properties, many still have thriving indigenous populations. What's more is you can spend time living amongst them. Spending light moments, taking tours to model villages, and digging into that "problem-free philosophy!"

5. Is Sustainability the Ultimate Luxury? - Yes, definitely like Ocean Soul, even people at the Isla Palenque Resort in Panama feel the love and responsibility for ocean and nature as a whole. Thus, they use completely sustainable methods to run the luxury resort. Though it is air-conditioned, waking up to a sea breeze blowing through the curtains will encourage you to doing things Made with Soul!

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