Aloha Mermaid: 4 Legends to Inspire Your Inner Mer-Soul

Aloha Mermaid: 4 Legends to Inspire Your Inner Mer-Soul

Real or Myth...A Beautiful Creature of Inspiration

Celebrated as the “bringers of life and fertility,” these creatures were dreamed up and thought to be Water Deities of ancient civilizations.

The beautiful. The majestic. The muse known as the Mermaid is who we’re saying “Aloha” to today.

  1. Actually...Ugly & Fat in Person - And that’s only because they Manatees were what folks on the sea were actually seeing. When seen from far off, sailors mistook the form and shape of the manatee as curvaceous women of the see! Even Christopher Columbus was mistaken on his first voyage to America.
  2. No Need to Sound the Alarm - Mermaids are considered to be beautiful, gentle creatures. They have often times been mistaken for Sirens who are really very deceitful & dangerous. According to legend Mermaids tend to slip away when spotted, but Sirens are all about luring sailors in for the kill...We’ll stick with Mermaids for the win!

3. The Underwater Race of Merfolks - Mermaids are the female members of the species. Males are...mermen...That was surprisingly simple...and it’s awesome to be a Merman!! Just ask Jason Mamoa!!!

4. Tridents for Protection - Legend has it that Merfolks aren’t ALL passive. They do protect themselves like any other creatures in existence. The weapon of choice is the Trident which is a resourceful use of what the ocean offers: whale bone, coral, sharp shells & SHARK TEETH!!!

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