Aloha Compass Rose: 5 Guiding Facts for YOUR Journey

Aloha Compass Rose: 5 Guiding Facts for YOUR Journey

Where are YOU going to go?

The world is a humongous place! We’ve all got a uniquely special place in it where our talents and vision lends itself perfectly. But, what do we do when we can’t seem to find where we fit in? Where we’re going?

Knowing where we’re going (literally or physically), only matters when we know how to get there. That’s the one of the powers of the Compass! Let’s take a look at five things that make the compass such an integral part of any physical journey!

~ 5 Facts About The Compass ~

  1. As Old as...Well...Time - dating back as far as 300 BCE, the first magnetic direction finders are believed to have been invented in China.
  2. Grounded & Guided - Like a bar magnet, the Earth has magnetic poles. “To the four winds…” The compass’ needle is also a magnet that operates on the “Like repels Like” M.O. The magnet of the compass needle lines up in the opposite direction the magnetic poles of the Earth. North will ALWAYS be North!
  3. 4 Points to Make All Around Awareness - Just like a standard map, there are Four specific, or cardinal directions on a Compass. N-orth, S-outh, E-ast, W-est. You’ll always be going somewhere when focused in on the hands of the compass. It breaks down even further! NW, NE, SW, SE...NNE...SSW...The only way to get lost is to not know where you’re going to start.
  4. Variety is the Name of the Game - the standard in hand compass isn’t all there is to help get us where we need to be. There are other kinds of compasses. Large ships and airplanes benefit from the Gyrocompass. A more complex compass is an Astrocompass that are aligned with the position of fixed points in the sky like the sun or stars.
  5. Steady as She Goes - The Ship’s compass, or Mariner’s Compass is a more sophisticated brand of navigation specific to water travel. Even when the waters are rough, the compass remains locked in position with the help of pivots called a “binnacle.”

“One if by land…Two if by sea…” Regardless of where you find yourself on this journey through life, it’s important to be able to find your “True North.” That’s why we are stoked for you to say “Aloha” to the Compass Rose Aloha Bracelet. Let this be the daily reminder that YOUR journey matters, because You were Made with Soul.

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