Ocean Soul's Soul: What Drives Us

Ocean Soul's Soul: What Drives Us

To the team working behind the scenes at Ocean Soul, our company has always been about more than jewelry. Offering beautiful products that inspire a sense of the being around oceans, coastlines, and beaches that our customers travel to is at the core of our business and daily lives. Along with providing these products, we also talk daily about influences that both inspire us and drive us to evolve beyond the aesthetically pleasing treasures wrapped around your body.

After several years of asking ourselves more about why we’re doing what we’re doing, we decided it is time to share more about the 5 key topics fueling Ocean Soul’s passion and growth. Each topic will become something our customers will hear more about as we approach and move deeper into the next decade ahead. Every topic inspires our jewelry and actions, while driving us to do more to promote and give back to the Oceans we love. The topics include ocean tides and coastal vibes, jewelry products, source materials, the environment, nostalgia.

We look forward to sharing a little more about each area more with you below. You will also start hearing more about these specific areas during our normal communication. They represent things we are passionate about and we can’t wait to share more about them with you. Make sure to follow us on social media and watch our Salty Sunday Live shows to learn how we plan to continue to grow and support the people and movements that enrich our ocean-loving souls.

Ocean Vibes and Coastal Tides

Observing the waves crashing along the coast is scientifically proven to calm and ease our busy minds. It’s difficult to put into words just how much the Ocean means to so many of us. It’s a vibe of well being and belonging that washes over us Ocean Souls when we are walking our beloved beaches.

Jewelry Prodcuts

Our jewelry honors and celebrates all things Ocean. Ocean Soul jewelry enables you to carry that Ocean Vibe with you wherever life takes you.

Source Materials

We source materials from all over the world. Sea glass, sea shells, sea pottery, gemstones etc. are some of the natural wonders the ocean provides us. Our family collects what we can and source the rest from reputable sellers around the world. We work with master silversmiths in Bali to achieve our superior Sterling Silver works of art. The balineese have a rich tradition in silver work so it only made sense to work with the best at the craft.


At Ocean Soul we care deeply for the cleanliness of our oceans and the preservation of marine life. We work the EPP (Eco Preservation Project) led by Garret Stuart aka Captain Planet to find solutions to the problems that plague our Oceans. The EPP helps to spread global education for present and future generations to preserve the natural ecosystems on which all life depends. For more information on the EPP visit Theecopreservationproject.org or their facebook.


Some of our earliest memories are walking along the beach and collecting seashells that we think look cool. We all remember our first few trips to the beach and the feeling of the sand on your skin and the salt in the air. Our jewelry is a reminder of those special memories. When you wear ocean soul jewelry you are transported back to those magical times on the beach as a child when things were oh so simple.

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