Aloha Manta Ray: 6 Amazing Facts About the Manta Ray

Aloha Manta Ray: 6 Amazing Facts About the Manta Ray

They glide like massive underwater kites. Playful and smooth as they zip & float in the glassy waters of the ocean.

We’re talking about the Manta Ray. Not to be mixed up with it’s underwater cousin the Sting Ray, or smaller cousin the Devil Ray. And, while all are related to the shark, the Manta Ray has some pretty interesting characteristics that set’m apart from the rest.

1. There are 2 Types of Manta Rays

Birostris - have few spots on their ventral side (belly), with wide, gray bands along the back edge of the wings. They can reach a wingspan of up to 23 feet.

Alfredi are generally smaller, reaching a maximum wingspan of 18 feet. They can easily be identified by their big, blotchy spot patterns located on their ventral side (belly).

2. Big Eaters of Little Snacks

Manta rays do not eat meat or fish from other marine animals. They have to be fed a lot of tiny living organisms called plankton, floating in the water.

3. Rides the Tides and the Coastal Vibes

Manta Rays are found all over the world, mainly in tropical, temperate bodies of water. They love to call their home offshore, and near productive coastlines. Just like Ocean Soul, they are all about the Ocean Tides & Coastal Vibes.

4. No Need To Fear

Though they are massive creatures, the Manta Ray is really pretty chill to hang out with in the water. They are not aggressive, and have no venomous sting! Noooooow...playful is something totally different.

5. Intelligently Curious

Mantas have huge brains! Their brain is the biggest of all fish. Areas in the brain have been found to have significantly developed areas for learning, problem solving, and communication. They may even be self-aware enough to recognize themselves in their reflection.

6. They Believe They Can Fly...Kinda

It’s not that they think they were a bird in another life. WIth a vertical launch of more than 6 feet, they usually jumping perhaps to get rid of skin level parasites, communicate with other manta rays or just to play and have fun!

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