Ocean Soul's Holiday Gift Guide

Ocean Soul's Holiday Gift Guide

What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you have ever received?  If you reflect back over all of the Christmas’s and try to remember the gifts you’ve received chances are the ones that stand out the most are the unique ones. The one of a kind, handmade, unique thoughtful gifts are the ones that always make the most impact.  


When you receive a one of a kind, handmade gift you feel as if the gift giver really put some time and thought into your gift and you feel extra special. Sure there is nothing wrong with gift cards or mass produced items but those gifts often fall short on evoking those warm fuzzy lovey feelings around Christmas time. 


There are plenty of places to purchase unique one of a kind gifts for those special people in your lives. There is something for everyone on Etsy these days. You can find everything from hand knitted hats to custom made cards.

This unique one of a kind gift is the inspiration behind our business Ocean Soul. We take one of a kind treasures like sea shells, sea glass, sea pottery, and beach stones that wash ashore from the Ocean and turn them into wearable hand crafted sterling silver jewelry.   Seashells are a lot like humans in the sense that their diet and genetics play a large part in their appearance. No two shells are exactly alike, each one with its own unique variations. Sea Glass is shaped by the endless ebb and flow of the ocean tumbling the glass along the ocean floor; patiently shaping and frosting each piece of glass that was once trash and has now become unique one of a kind treasure. 


What better gift could you possibly give to that ocean lover in your life who already has every coastal decoration you could possibly find at the big box craft store?  A wearable handcrafted one of a kind ocean treasure is almost sure to please even the pickiest beach comber in your life. Wether its sea glass, sea shells, semi precious stones we have something for everyone. If that’s not enough we also do lots of custom work. You can actually bring in your favorite shell, glass, treasure you’ve found and we can turn it into a custom piece for you.


So this holiday give a gift that can’t be duplicated. A gift that no one else has, a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

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