Mega Toothed Minimal Pendant

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Introducing our extraordinary Mega Toothed Shark Teeth collection, a series of awe-inspiring fossils that will transport you back in time to the prehistoric ocean. Each tooth is carefully selected, polished to perfection, and uniquely hand-set in a minimal sterling silver bail, creating a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the essence of these ancient predators.

  1. Megalodon - The King of the Seas: Step into the world of the colossal Megalodon, the largest shark to ever roam the oceans. This Megalodon tooth showcases the sheer power and grandeur of this magnificent beast. Although the Meg was the biggest shark to ever roam the oceans this tooth is the smallest in the collection making it even more rare and collectable. 

  2. Mako - Grace and Swiftness: The Mako shark, known for its unmatched speed and agility, is beautifully represented in our Mako tooth. Polished to reveal intricate details, this tooth reflects the elegance and grace that epitomize this remarkable predator.

  3. Angustiden - Unearthed Elegance: Travel back in time with the Angustiden tooth, a relic from the ancient seas that exudes an aura of mystery and allure. Its polished surface highlights the rich brown and gray colors, unique serrations and curves, making it a truly exceptional addition to your fossil collection.

  4. Hastalis - A Rare Gem: The Hastalis tooth, with its slender and pointed shape, showcases the diversity of prehistoric sharks. Hand-selected and polished to reveal its exquisite black and gray coloring, this tooth encapsulates the beauty of an era long past.

Crafted with Passion and Expertise: Each Mega Toothed Shark Tooth pendant is meticulously hand-set in a sterling silver bail, creating a delicate balance between modern design and ancient history. Our skilled Balinese artisans ensure that every detail is attended to, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that will captivate all who lay eyes on it.

All of our sterling silver elements are hand carved by our team of silversmiths in Bali. These pieces are handmade from start to finish. Traditional silversmith techniques are the only process we use for our jewelry at Ocean Soul. Preserving traditions while providing sustainable jobs for many artisans and their families. 

A Perfect Gift and Collector's Item: Whether you're an avid fossil enthusiast, a shark lover, or simply someone with an appreciation for natural wonders, our Mega Toothed Shark Teeth collection is an ideal gift and a valuable addition to any collection.

Embrace the past and celebrate the marvels of the natural world with our Mega Toothed Shark Teeth collection. Own a piece of history today and carry the ancient ocean's legacy with you wherever you go.