Ocean Soul’s Holiday Voyage!

Ocean Soul’s Holiday Voyage!

Getting Out on the Water

We’ve been building a lot of pieces to fit into a lot of new spaces within Ocean Soul as a business. We know there’ve been a lot of new things happening pretty quickly. We’ve loved every minute of Ocean Soul's growth. But, what do you do when more growth is coming???


Travel to the Bahamas - That’s right! We set sail in November on a 5 night cruise to Freeport, Nassau & Half Moon Cay. We had the opportunity to do something as a family we’ve never done before. We’re the kind of family that does that sort of thing. I mean, take Ocean Soul as a business to begin with. What started as one woman’s way of supporting her family with the addition of some unexpected infant medical challenges, has turned into a global family enjoying all that the coastal vibes have in abundance.

So, we took our love of the ocean, and got out there! We enjoyed paradise, made some new friends, kicked back and relaxed. This trip wasn't all leisure though, we had somethings very special to reveal that we worked on for over a year.

Special New Products Released

  1. Brand New Anchorage Center Designs
  2. More Aloha Designs
  3. Promotional Announcements
  4. More Videos & Content on our YouTube Channel
  5. General Ocean Soul Fun

Charitable Activities

We were also really eager to lend our support and encouragement to those in need. One thing that will always be at the forefront of Ocean Soul’s existence, is that we ARE a Global Ohana!

As a Global Ohana, when one area is hit hard, we are all hit hard. That’s why got some homemade care bags in the hands of our Caribbean Ohana recently affected by Hurricane Dorian. We had some school supplies, snacks, hygiene products and playing cards to give as we visited some of the islands affected.

Stoked to be able to do that more and more as Ocean Soul grows bigger and bigger!

So! We are beyond stoked to be out on the open waters as Ocean Soul every chance we get! We are really looking forward to sharing the news, and new things with our Ohana every chance we get!

We’re really eager to take all this love, appreciation and gratitude we have for all things coastal, and share it with the global OHANA every chance we get! We hope you’ll sail with us every chance YOU get, as we get out there doing exactly what we are here to do!

Update: We were able to drop off the care packages in Freeport where they could be quickly put into use by the Girls Empowerment Club.

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