Ocean Soul's Coming to Marco Island 2021

Ocean Soul's Coming to Marco Island 2021

The Esplanade Shoppes at Marco Island

Are you ready to visit Ocean Soul in REAL time...Ocean Soul Marco Island??? 10 years in the making...Ocean Soul Beach Location!

We’re not just talking about our love and devotion to all things beach/coastal anymore. We’re making our lifestyle a reality! Ocean Soul Marco Island is our new home. We’re beyond stoked to introduce you to our new home “down the shore.” We’re even more stoked to begin this leg of our journey, and bring you along for the ride.

The best part about what’s coming in 2021 is that we'll finally have the opportunity to fully blossom out on the sands of South Florida. Everything we’ve poured into our jewelry is about to be amped up to ?‼️

We're bringing Marco Island our first brick & mortar location appropriately named, “Ocean Soul Marco Island.” We’ve found a nice, cozy little spot in The Esplanade Shoppes at Marco Island, and believe us when we say the hardest part is we can’t just pack up and head south for the season right now!

We’ve been working hard, and we have much more to go! But, we’re still only in the beginning of meeting our goals for brand.

Not only will it be our chance to expand our reach into the community we’ve dreamed of since we began back in 2011, but we’ll be able to expand our inspiration AND content!

We hope you can join us on the blog for future updates, and more importantly, join us in 2021 when Ocean Soul Marco Island opens its doors.

Will you enjoy the ride with us as we evolve the Ocean Soul brand some more?

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