New Ocean Soul Website Launches in October

New Ocean Soul Website Launches in October

Ocean Soul is excited to announce the launch of its new website in October 2019. The website will provide a first-rate shopping experience for customers to purchase and even build their own customized jewelry from Ocean Soul. In addition to featuring beautiful fashion accessories, the new site will also have a new URL, OceanSoulOhana.com, and talk more about the broader lifestyle interests of the brand.

Ocean Soul has always allowed customers to customize aspects of their jewelry but the new website provides unique functionality to better show an online representation of this process. Customers can build their product as they move through different choices needed to create a fully unique look and fashion accessory. Visitors will have the option to pick a charm and add it to a bracelet, necklace, or anklet design and color of choice. The experience will provide a simplified choose your own adventure journey that puts more power in the customers’ hands.

“We’re really stoked to be launching our website because we’re introducing all new Ocean Soul treasures,” said Julie Anderson, owner and lead designer of Ocean Soul styles. “We’ve taken coastal style to a uniquely new place. Our new look inspired a new website experience for customers that will provide more than a shopping experience.”

Julie and the co-owners Joseph & Tyler, of Ocean Soul dug deep to stir up their passion for this style of living while creating the new website. The home page now expresses their passion as a simple statement: “Ocean Vibes and Coastal Tides.” This sentence will serve as Ocean Soul’s new motto for the future. It shows how the company plans to inspire customers to think more about Ocean Soul, its products, and its philosophy as part of their overall lifestyle.

To help express the attributes of the Ocean Soul lifestyle, the company released 5 core areas it plans to produce content around during the next decade ahead. These areas include Ocean Vibes and Coastal Tides, Jewelry and Products, Source Materials, Environment, and Nostalgia. Content related to the topics from the company will be available primarily on the new website and social media platforms, including during its popular weekly video show called Salty Sunday Live.

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